Once, there was nothing.

The Zerøs - Open Edition

The Zerøs is a generative art project in the form of an interactive NFT created by Quentin Merabet.
Explore a desolate and procedural landscape, where a solitary sphere stands as a silent witness to a forgotten world.
This interactive art piece brings together the realms of generative art, 3D graphics, and interactivity to create an infinity of captivating experience.

Is it a remnant of a lost civilization, or a glimpse into a future after the extinction of humanity?


Procedural landscapes

An infinity of deserts, rocks, and more.

Interactive 3D

Click on the orb to wake it up or drag to explore.

Live physic

With unique gravity levels for each Zerøs.

Mint Mechanism

The price is increasing at every mint.
Starting at 0 ETH. Increasing by 0.0001 ETH with each new piece minted.

Please note that because the price is changing at every mint, your transaction may fail if you’re minting at the same time has someone else. The only risk is losing the gas fees.

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